Oportunidade de Trabalho na área dos museus


Divulgamos aqui uma oportunidade de trabalho nos museus da Universidade de Lisboa (Museu de Ciência e Museu nacional de História Natural) a partir da lista de discussão MUSEUM-L.

Transcrevemos na íntegra:

Please note the following research position opening at the Museums of the University of Lisbon (Museum of Science and National Museum of Natural History).

History of Science:

Job/Fellowship at Museums of Politécnica, Lisbon, Portugal
Job/Fellowship Reference: C2007-UL-58-MP
For more details and contacts, please go to – C2007-UL-58-MP -History of Science:

Job Summary:

Participate in a research project aimed at building up the histories of the following related institutions: the Polytechnic School of Lisbon, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon and the Astronomical Observatory of Lisbon.

Work includes:

i) Archival research and oral interviews;
ii) Outline of research topics and methodological guidelines;
iii) Selected case studies.

Applicant’s Profile:

Applicants should be experienced researchers (at least 3 years of experience) holding a PhD in the History of Science and/or Technology.

Applicants should demonstrate expertise in the history of science and technology (especially of the 19th and 20th centuries), preferably in the history of exact sciences and/or natural sciences. These researchers should be prepared to reinforce and/or complement the expertise of the participant institutions. They should be willing to explore the interface between history of science and technology and the material culture of science and technology, along with multiple methodological approaches. Furthermore, they should demonstrate ability to handle archives in poor organizational conditions and knowledge of oral interview techniques. They should also demonstrate scientific autonomy and ability to suggest their own projects within the framework of the Consortium overarching the research project.

They are required to have a good level of English (spoken and written) and a good level of Portuguese (spoken and reading).

Importantly, candidates are expected to collaborate actively in the post-graduate programme on history and philosophy of science of the FCUL (see http://chcul.fc.ul.pt), and in the supervision of graduate students in research using the above-mentioned archives and collections.


Candidates should submit a CV, a motivation letter, and two reference letters.
An interview may be conducted as part of the selection process.
Candidates must have a minimum of 3 years postdoctoral research experience.
Application deadline: 30 August 2007
5-year contract, Base Salary: 43,000 euros (annual)


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