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INDEX – No. 1, October 2007

*News – 2007 Summer Worksites

*The Conservation of the Mural Paintings from the Assumption Church, Humor
Monastery, Romania
By Teodora Poiata and Rui Bordalo

*The Lamo Centre at the Munshi House, Leh, Ladakh
By Anca Nicolaescu

*Conference Review
Directions in Preventive Conservation,
26-29 September 2007, Sibiu, Romania

*Open Access
Introduction: Discussion of e-conservationline Poll Results

*Interview with Ioan Istudor
A Lifetime Dedicated to Conservation Science
By Anca Nicolaescu and Teodora Poiata

*Conservation Project
Leh Old Town – Conservation Project, Ladakh, Indian Himalayas
By André Alexander and Andreas Catanese

*Conservation of Paintings
Choosing Varnishes. In Between the Concept and the Reality Falls the Practicing
By Christabel Blackman

*Care of Collections
Creating Enclosures Using Microsoft Excel
By Shelagh Linklater

*Case Study
The Church of Sucevita Monastery – The Conservation of Mural Paintings
By Anca Dina

*Conservation Education in Belgium
By Rui Bordalo

Information and Knowledge. Management of Cultural Heritage
Case Studies from the Work of the Foundation for Information Society
By Lia Bassa

*Documentation for Architecture Conservation:
La Villetta Cemetery in Parma, Italy
Cemeteries as Heritage Monument
By Michela Rossi

*La Villetta, the Main Cemetery in Parma
By Michela Rossi

*A Cemetery Information System
By Cecilia Tedeschi

*Heritage in Danger
Introduction; Call for Papers

*Book Review
Introduction to the Preventive Conservation of Textiles
A book by Christos Karydis

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