CONF: « Museums and the Market, 10-11 Set. 2010

MGHG Annual Conference
Leeds City Museum
September 10th and 11th 2010

In the history of every museum there has been a significant engagement with the wider market structures and yet these engagements rarely feature in the interpretation of the history of the objects as we encounter them in the modern museum. The museum has also, since its inception, been involved in the cultural and the economic structures of society. Indeed, museums are now seen as crucial signifiers and influential catalysts in what we now call the ‘cultural economy’. It is therefore appropriate, given the current interest in the commercial aspects of the history of collections and the interest in the museum itself as part of the ‘market’, to look anew at the role played by the market in the history of the museum. This innovative conference, one of the first of its kind, focuses on the intersections, the formal and informal spaces where the market and the museum meet and overlap. The papers reflect a wide range of interests and perspectives and bring together leading academics and museum professionals in order to further discussion and debate around this increasingly significant subject. Located at the new Leeds City Museum, the conference will be of interest to academics, museum professionals, and all those who are interested in the history of the museum and its role in society.

Conference Programme

Friday 10th September 2010

9.15 – Conference Registration

10.00 – Welcome

10.10 – Welcome to Leeds: John Roles, Director, Leeds City Museums
10.30 – Conference Keynote: Dr Helen Rees Leahy, Director of the Centre for Museology, University of Manchester

11.10 – Coffee

11.40 – Conference Session 1: Commerce & Consumption
Steven Miles (University of Brighton) Contrived Communality: the gallery and museum as a themed space for post-industrial consumption
Christine Guth (Royal College of Art) Blockbusters and Museum Merchandise: Marketing Hokusai’s « Great Wave »
Gareth Williams (Royal College of Art) On Design Art

13.00 – Lunch Break

14.00 – Conference Session 2: The Formation of Taste
Julia Courtney (The Open University) « The stuffed animals will have to go »: Alderman Jacob, William Chalkley and Dr Cottrill
Stephanie Schumann (The Drawing Centre, New York) (title tbc)
Louise Tythacott (University of Manchester) The Power of Taste: the dispersal of the Berkeley Smith collection of Chinese ceramics at Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum (1921-1960)

15.20 – Coffee

15.50 – Conference Keynote: Professor Jos Hackforth-Jones, Director of Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London

16.30 – Optional Guided Tour of the Leeds Discovery Centre

Saturday 11th September 2010

9.30 – Parallel Conference Sessions 3 & 4
Conference Session 3: Philanthropy
Andrea Meyer (Institut für Kunstwissenschaft und Historische Urbanistik, Berlin) Museum directors as money makers: a reinvestigation of the history of the National Gallery in Berlin
Jozef Glassée (The Catholic University of Leuven) Buying Art for Ghent: The Ghent Museum Friends and the European Art Market (1897-c.1930)
Martin Weiss (University of Leiden) « With a Little Tacit Encouragement‟: Teylers Museum’s Paleontological Collection

Conference Session 4: Circulating Commodities
Savithri Preetha Nair (Independent Scholar) The Rise of the Natural History Dealer in Colonial India
Sam Alberti & Christopher Plumb (University of Manchester) The Beastly Marketplace: Animal Commodities in Shops, Museums, and Other Sites of Display
Lina Tahan (Leeds Metropolitan University) The role of the Lebanese agents and dealers in the development of the Louvre Museum near Eastern Collections

10.50 – Coffee

11.20 – Parallel Conference Sessions 5 & 6
Conference Session 5: Regeneration and the Cultural Economy
Susannah Eckersley (University of Newcastle) Regeneration by Museum? Case studies from Germany
Patrick Haughey (Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston) Hamilton‟s Classroom: the museum of American Finance and the education of a market citizen
Mariam Al-Mulla (University of Leeds) Heritage in Qatar: an example of culturally-led economic regeneration
Conference Session 6: Museums and Identities
Natasha Degen (University of Cambridge) A National Type of Imagination: Nation branding and the museum
Uta Protz (Kunsthalle, Bremen) Modern French Painting and the Musee du Louvre: the impact of the studio sale of Gustave Courbet 1881
Annalea Tunesi (University of Leeds) An enigmatic façade: Palazzo Mozzi-Bardini in Florence

12.50 – Lunch Break and MGHG Annual General Meeting

14.00 – Conference Session 7: Leeds in Perspective
Mark Steadman (University of Leeds) Mail Order Museums: Recovering the market forces behind Nineteenth-Century Natural History collecting practices
Rebecca Wade (University of Leeds) « A Love of Truth even in Trifles‟: the exhibition of art and manufactures in mid-nineteenth century Leeds
Geoffrey Forster (The Leeds Library) William Bullock in Leeds

15.20 – Coffee

15.50 – Conference Session 8: Museums and the Art Market
Esmée Quodbach (The Frick Collection, New York) « Trying to catch a rising star‟: Vermeer on the Art Market 1870-1920
Anne Helmreich (Case Western Reserve University, Ohio) Strategies of Display: the museum and the commercial art gallery in nineteenth-century Britain

16.50 – Closing Remarks: Alan Crookham, Chair, MGHG

Full programme and booking form now available on the website:

(fonte: H-MUSEUM)


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