Call for papers: « Cinema and the museum in the 21st century »


MOVING IMAGE AND INSTITUTION: CINEMA AND THE MUSEUM IN THE 21st CENTURY Centre for Research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CRASSH) University of Cambridge
6-8 July 2011

Confirmed plenary speakers:

Professor Angela Dalle Vacche (Professor of Film Studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta)

Professor Laura U. Marks (Dena Wosk University Professor of Art and Culture Studies, Simon Fraser University)

Philippe-Alain Michaud (Film Curator at the Musée National d’Art Moderne – Centre Georges-Pompidou)

Conference Organisers:
Jenny Chamarette
Georgina Evans
Laura McMahon
François Penz

Moving Image and Institution: Cinema and the Museum in the 21st Century seeks to establish a new international forum for discussion of the physical and theoretical intersections between cinema, screen media and the moving image, and the museum and institutional art space. This international, interdisciplinary conference will run alongside a range of public events in and around Cambridge in early July, to draw attention to the converging interests of both Cinema and the Museum.

Attracting academic speakers, museum professionals and artists across the spectrum of the Arts and Humanities from a range of disciplines and sectors including film studies, museum studies, architecture, history of art, modern languages, cultural geography, anthropology, ethnography and archaeology, the conference will offer an exceptional environment where cross-connections can be fostered between these fields, in order to interrogate the future shape of the very cultural institutions in which they are so heavily invested.

Cinema and the Museum have a shared heritage of historical and socio-cultural development. Both emergent in the late 19th century as public institutions, but with very different infrastructures, the public concerns of the cinema and the museum have established them firmly within the cultural imaginary of many of the key dynamics of the 20th century – from popular spectacle to Futurism, from Surrealism to the emergence of the post-colonial world, from the avant-gardes to the aftermath of total war, from the information network to the cusp of the virtual world. Both Cinema and the Museum share an ambivalent relationship between the past and the future: while safeguarding, documenting and archiving the past is a part of their shared role, the shifting technologies and modalities of cinema and the museum are also instantiating fundamental changes to what constitutes the very concepts of ‘Cinema’ or ‘The Museum’. In the 21st century museums have become extraordinary ‘laboratories of change’; audio-visual media have permeated the museum space: from handheld devices to large screen projections, to interactive technologies at the intersections of material and digital culture. Cinema is entering the Museum, and the Museum is disseminating itself within the cinematic as a means of expanding its engagement with the public on multiple levels, including but certainly not limited to notions of viewing experience, immersion and object- interaction.

The conference organisers welcome the submission of abstracts for a 20 minute paper, or a 10 minute moving image/lens-based media presentation + 10 minute talk. Presentations should not exceed 20 minutes in total. The organisers would also welcome proposals for roundtables or structured discussion from groups of 2-4 museum professionals, artists or other practitioners.

The call for submissions is open to academics, curators, museum professionals, filmmakers and artists and all others with professional interests in this emerging field. The focus of these papers is not limited to the contemporary period: presentations may choose to explore earlier case studies or period with a contemporary methodology, for example.
It is anticipated that a publication will arise from this conference.

Topics may include, but are not limited to the following themes:

– Creative geographies
– Transformative spaces of the cinematic
– Film and moving image installations
– Proto-cinematic technologies and the museum
– Visual narratives in cultural institutions
– Materiality and digital media
– Sociological trajectories in cinema and in the museum space
– The role of the public institution in moving image practice
– Exhibition practices and cinematic exhibition
– Curatorial practice in the new museum
– Cinema and the new museology
– Ethnographic film
– Filming the archive and archiving the film
– Performative spaces and screen language
– The Virtual Museum Film and user/visitor experience
– Audio-visual mediation and the presence of the screen in the museum space
– Museums on film
– Museums and genre cinema
– Period film and questions of authenticity
– Museums, memorials and commemoration: display and exposure

Abstracts of not more than 250 words should be directed to with the subject heading « CINEMA AND THE MUSEUM CONFERENCE » no later than 18 February 2011.

Where applicable please include two lines on your institutional affiliation and details of technical requirements.

Dr Jenny Chamarette
Research Fellow
Fitzwilliam College
University of Cambridge
Huntingdon Road

t: +44 (0)1223 477342
f: +44 (0)1223 335062

(Fonte: H-Net Network for Museums and Museum Studies)


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